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Real Male Enhancement Does Not Come In A Pill
Real Male Enhancement Does Not Come In A Pill

What does male enhancement mean to you?  If it is solely to promote penis growth, then you are missing the boat.  Everyone has seen the “Too good to be true” ads online promoting male enhancement pills.  But what can you really expect from taking a red pill?  I think it is about time we start looking at male enhancement slightly different.  If penis enlargement is your primary goal, there are safe state of the art products that can help with that while also enhancing other aspects of one’s life at the same time.

The Modern Day Enhanced Male Has His Hormones In Check

Hormones, primarily testosterone, are a primary contributor for male sexual enhancement.  It is what gives us our sexual drive.  When you enter your mid 30’s, your T levels start to decrease.  With that goes your libido.  This is usually the period where men start coming to the realization that they need some sort of assistance when it comes to male sexual enhancement.  Some resort to testosterone replacement therapy, some turn to ED pills while others find one of the thousands of different creams, gels and miracle products sold over the counter.  But what if there was an all natural product that works better than all the above?

BHRT For Men

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is traditionally a solution associated with women to help combat menopausal symptoms.  It is an all natural hormone replacement therapy that comes in the form of hormone pellets.  The pellets are the size of rice grains that are inserted into the hip area.  What many low t clinics don’t tell you is that they can also be specifically compounded to treat men.  If you are a male considering hormone replacement therapy, we strongly urge you to consider BHRT.  The advantages over traditional testosterone are astounding.

  1. Unlike traditional testosterone therapy, BHRT doesn’t require taking a shot every 60 days.  Depending on your hormone levels, the pellets are inserted 2-4 times a year.  This leads to much more consistent hormone levels.  Think of BHRT as a time release medication as opposed to a traditional indigestible you have to take 2-3 times a day.
  2. Because bioidential hormone replacement therapy keeps your hormones much more level and balanced, it decreases mood swings often associated with testosterone therapy.
  3. Bioidential hormone replacement therapy doesn’t make your hair fall out like traditional low t treatments
  4. BHRT has been known to increase your sex drive while also stabilizing your libido due to a more balanced hormone level

Ask any man that is currently undergoing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and they will tell you all you need to know.  It is truly the Cadillac of hormone replacement therapy.

The Priapus Shot® Is A Far Superior Product Compared To Male Enhancement Pills

If penis enlargement is a priority, we recommend in most cases  to stop taking over the counter male enhancement pills and consider the Priapus injection.  The Priapus Shot® uses blood derived growth factors to rejuvenate tissue in the penile region.  It is basically PRP treatment for your penis.  Not only does it help cure erectile dysfunction, but it also promotes penis growth.  When paired with a treatment such as BHRT, men experience an increased libido along with increased sexual stamina and substantial penis enlargement.  The injection is quick, easy and not as painful as it sounds.  Men usually see an increase in size almost immediately.  The Priapus Shot® also helps men maintain stronger and harder erections throughout sex.  This treatment has quickly become the gold standard of male enhancement treatment options.

The Hype Is Real About Acoustic Wave Therapy

The first time someone explained to me that blasting a penis with high frequency sound waves would cure ED, I laughed at them.  Then I did the research and ultimately thought it made sense.  Acoustic wave therapy, or smart wave therapy is a non invasive all natural ED treatment that uses acoustic waves to promote new blood vessel growth while unblocking clogged vessels related to the source of a man’s ED.  If you are interested in acoustic wave therapy for ED, just know going into it that it usually takes multiple treatments to get real results.  This is a great supplemental treatment option to pair with one or both of the recommended treatments above.

Male Enhancement Is About Performance

If you are only looking to grow the size of your dick, you are missing the boat.  Today, we live in a world where male enhancement solutions can yield real results.  While sexual performance can be a key contributor to why a man may seek male enhancement treatment options, there are so many other aspects of day to day life that can be increased.  It starts with how you feel.  If you are constantly out of energy, lack both physical and mental stamina or notice yourself always feeling crabby, there is a chance you have experienced a decrease in your hormone levels.  This can be impacting your personal and professional relationships.  The first step is getting this under control so you can increase your performance on a daily basis.  Get your drive back and everything else will fall into place.  You’ll start noticing things like the intimacy coming back in your relationship or regaining that confidence that you didn’t even realize you had lost.  It’s about gaining that edge and increasing your quality of life.

Hormone Test For Men

If you suspect that you might be a canidate for hormone replacement therapy, take our free test below or call out office to set up a free consultation with a doctor to discuss treatment options at (314) 300-9199.


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