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HCG Weight Loss Program

Millions of Americans are turning to HCG weight loss to lose weight.  Not only is losing weight important to them but so is keeping the weight off once it is finally gone.  Nobody wants a short-term solution, but to be able to live a healthier and happier life while feeling confident about the way they look.  What good is putting in the effort it takes to lose weight if it keeps finding its way back? A solution to this is ensuring you are burning fat during the weight loss process instead of losing muscle mass.  When incorporating Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) into your weight-loss journey, you are helping prevent the loss of muscle mass during your diet.

The use of HCG paired with its diet plan has resulted in rapid weight-loss for users of the program for several decades.  Many people have found they will lose up to one or more pounds per day during the length of the plan. The HCG weight loss diet is effective and simple to follow but requires consistency to see your desired results.

What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, abbreviated as HCG, is a protein-based hormone that is naturally produced by women.  Many people also know it as “the pregnancy hormone” as it is produced during pregnancy. The HCG hormone is created in the placenta and nourishes the egg after it has been fertilized and becomes attached to the uterine wall.  In fact, pregnancy tests are testing HCG levels in order to determine whether or not a woman is pregnant.

While the hormone is naturally produced by women, it is also used by many men to help increase low testosterone levels.  Because HCG is similar to the luteinizing hormone (LH), it can lead to normalization or natural boost in testosterone levels in men.  While HCG is known for its role in pregnancy and rebalancing hormone levels, it is also key to an extremely effective method of losing weight.

HCG Diet

Any effective weight loss plan is revolved around a good diet.  Some diets are calorie restricted, while others list foods you simply cannot eat.  A simple way to look at weight loss is like a math equation: if you burn more calories per day than you consume, you will lose weight.  This is why the HCG Diet is based on an approximate 500 calories per day diet. While taking in fewer calories, you are ensuring that you can melt away the fat while still consuming many of the foods you probably are already eating.

With each meal, the HCG diet requires 1 of each of these foods:

  • protein
  • vegetable
  • piece of bread
  • fruit

Included with the program is a list of recommended foods to give you the nutrition you need and plenty of options to pick from to customize your meals.  The HCG diet cuts out sugars and fats and focuses on what your body needs to keep you healthy and energized during the process.

HCG Injections for Weight Loss

So where does HCG come into play during the weight loss program?  Sure you can lose weight during any low-calorie diet, but they can be hard to sustain.  When taking in a smaller amount of calories than usual each day, your body will typically have cravings and feel less energized.  That is where HCG comes in.

There are several forms of HCG products available today:

  • Injections
  • Pellets
  • Oral drops
  • Sprays

Reportedly, of these different forms of HCG, only the injections have shown to actually raise blood levels of HCG.  The other forms are found to dissolve before they ever actually reach the blood. Basically, you would be better off not taking anything at all unless you are using the injections.

Why They Work

HCG weight loss injections are the key to what has become one of the most successful weight loss programs over several decades.  While you are sticking to your low-calorie diet, HCG will help keep you energized throughout the day, which will also help your body burn more fat.  Also, the injections help reduce the feeling of hunger/hunger pains. You can expect to have reduced cravings and irritability as well as improved sleep.  When is the bloodstream, HCG is also able to suppress your appetite. All of these factors are important to helping you feel at your best every day and allowing your body to burn the maximum amount of fat as possible.

Retaining muscle mass during your weight-loss journey is important.  The focus should be on burning fat and preserving as much muscle mass as possible.  This way, it will be much easier to maintain your new look and keep the weight you worked so hard to lose from ever coming back.  When incorporating HCG into a low-calorie diet, your muscle mass is preserved while you shed the weight. Your body focuses solely on burning excess fat.  While the diet causes you to lose weight, HCG changes how you lose weight and helps prevent it from coming back.

HCG Weight Loss Clinic

Here at Restorative Health, we specialize in HCG weight loss injections for our Smart Choice weight-loss program.  If you have been wanting to lose weight or have been trying without seeing the results you wanted, we’re here to help.  Medical weight-loss is the safest and most effective way to properly lose weight.

We are currently offering free consultations to speak with a specialist to customize a plan that is right for you.  Financing is available while also working with your insurance to help mitigate any out of pocket costs.  Give yourself permission to get the body you want, don’t hesitate to call us at (314) 300-9199 to see if Smart Choice weight-loss is right for you.