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If you are a man that is experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, the TriMix medication could the right solution for you.  We often hear of men complaining about the lack of results they are receiving from traditional PDE5 inhibitors such as Viagra and Cialis.  If you are experiencing the same, no need to worry.  This is a very common occurrence and in most cases, this is where an ED solution such as the TriMix injection comes into play.

The Trimix Injection

The TriMix injection is a self-administered intracavernosal injection using a combination of three different medications.  (papaverine, phentolamine, PGE1 monographs).  When one of these components are taken by itself, results for ED treatment are average at best.  However, when these three active ingredients are combined together, they are widely considered to be one of the best erectile dysfunction solutions available to men.  The three components used in the TriMix injection are combined in a compounding pharmacy, and can often be customized to fit a patient’s degree of erectile dysfunction.


Papaverine is used to assist the expansion of blood vessels in the penile region.  By increasing blood flow to the corpus cavernosum region of the penis, it helps produce stronger erections.  Papaverine also helps relax the penile smooth muscle through increased cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) production.  This component was considered one of the first penile injection ED solutions.  Studies have shown papaverine to decrease arterial inflow resistance while increasing venous outflow resistance.  This process results with a better ability to form and maintain an erection.


Phentolamine is considered an Alpha-Adrenoceptor Antagonist.  This process blocks noradrenaline effects.  Noradrenaline impacts the penile smooth muscle, therefore, keeping the corpora cavernosa region in a continual contracted state.  Phentolamine helps reverse this process effect allowing for an erection to take form.

Prostaglandin E1

PGE1 helps relax the blood vessels in penile tissues while dilating cavernosal arteries.  Just like Papaverine, PGE1 increases penile arterial outflow and increases venous outflow resistance.  This leads to more blood coming into the penile region and less blood exiting the penile region.

Customizing Your TriMix Dosage

While visiting an Erectile Dysfunction Specialist at Restorative Health, you will be supplied with a custom dosage.  Initial dose amounts are kept low to avoid a potential erection lasting longer than three hours.  Throughout the dosage consultation, we will work to find the right amount.  This is a very important step as our number one priority is your safety.  By working with a specialist, you will leave with a very concrete understanding of how to correctly administer the TriMix Injection.

Administering the TriMix Injection

When administering TriMix, wait up to five to ten minutes before foreplay then you should experience an erection in only five to fifteen minutes after the injection.  It is important to note:  NEVER TAKE A DOUBLE DOSE!  This is extremely important because you may experience a tiny amount of bleeding in the vicinity of the injection site.  If for some reason you experience an erection lasting longer than two hours, we recommend taking up to four pseudoephedrine tablets one time and applying an ice pack.  If your erection does not subside after an hour, seek immediate medical attention.

Avoid Using TriMix Injection If You Experience the Following

  • Hypersensitivity or Allergic Reactions to any component used in the TriMix
  • Any Predisposed condition you may have that can lead to Priapism
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Leukemia Anatomical Deformation of the Penis
  • Any other conditions in which sexual activity can be detrimental

The Restorative Health Men’s Clinic Can Help

Our staff is well versed in prioritizing efficacy and safety for all our patients.  We strive to cover all the potential side effects of every medical solution we offer.  With our Erectile Dysfunction Specialists up to date on the latest medical literature pertaining to ED treatments, we can help men experiencing any of the negative impacts of erectile dysfunction.  Schedule a free consultation with an ED expert by calling the Restorative Health Men’s Clinic today at (314) 300-9199.  Our staff is here to help improve your sexual performance.

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