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The Secret Behind Men Claiming Victory After 40
The Secret Behind Men Claiming Victory After 40

Have you ever ran into someone you haven’t seen in a long time and wondered how they continue to look the same despite being older than 40?  Chances are, you’re running into more and more people like this.  Men’s health is currently evolving at a rapid pace.  It sometimes seems as if Men are enjoying a bit of a renaissance when it comes to age management.  The health sector is coming out with new products daily specifically designed to make Men look and feel better.  At Restorative Health’s men’s clinic, we offer a variety of treatment options ranging from ED treatment to Low T Therapy.  Here is a quick rundown on a few of our popular options.

It Is Hard Being The Modern Day Man

Life today for the modern day man is harder than ever.  If you are a male in your 40’s the world can sometimes feel as if it is passing you by.  On top of that, everywhere you look seems as if everyone other than you is experiencing success in their careers, marriages and social life.  Men are inundated with TV ads and Facebook posts only showing the good things happening in other people’s lives.  But the reality is that the average male over 40 doesn’t have a shredded six pack or is having sex with their partner 6 times a week.  For the few that are, there’s a good chance they’re getting help.  That help usually comes in the form of treatments, therapies or medication designed to make you feel like you are in your physical prime.  Think about that for a second.  Envision having the wisdom and knowledge of a 40 year old in the physical state of a man in his low to mid 20’s.  At the Restorative Health’s men’s clinic, we offer a variety of treatment options ranging from ED treatment to Low T Therapy.  Here is a quick rundown on a few of our popular options:

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Chances are, you have probably been hearing ads about this all over the radio.  It is currently being advertised as the “Greatest medical breakthrough since the blue pill.”  So is the hype real?  YES! YES! YES!  The specific treatment option we use is known Smart Wave Therapy.  It is a state of the art machine specifically designed to treat men’s sexual health.  Smart Wave Therapy can be paired with other products and therapies to enhance performance, or can treat ED on it’s own through multiple treatment sessions.  This treatment helps prevent having taking a pill every time you want to have intercourse.

BHRT For Men

Most men are very familiar with Low T treatment.  Another one of St Louis’ most talked about subject on radio advertising.  But many don’t know there are other options out there outside of bi-monthly injections.  Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a massive upgrade from traditional Low T treatment in a lot of ways.  For one, it is completely natural.  It also comes in pellet form which allows for less peaks and valleys when it comes to your hormone levels.  It also requires less trips to the office to have administered.  Side effects are much more minimal compared to traditional low t treatments.  Think of BHRT for men as the Cadillac of hormone optimization.

The Priapus Shot®

While many Men look for ways to gain and maintain stronger erections, most are also looking for increased size and girth.  Using platelet rich plasma cells enriched from your own blood, The Priapus Shot® is used to administer the stem cells into the penile region.  This helps treat ED while also adding size and girth.

Free Initial Consultations

Our medical professionals specialize in hormone replacement therapy and ED treatment.  We offer free consultations for all of our patients first visits.  To schedule yours today, call our office at 314-300-9199 or fill out the contact form below.  Let us know how we can help.

Think You Are A Candidate For Hormone Therapy?  If you are currently no the fence about BHRT, TRT, HRT or other Low T treatment options, CLICK HERE take our hormone test below to find out if you could benefit.


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